Common DIY Water Heater Installation Mistakes 

Since there is a lot of information available online, more and more people are learning how to handle home improvement projects on their own rather than hiring an expert. Of course, the DIY method has its advantages and merits, such as saving money. However, cutting corners can often cost you more down the line. 


A lot of plumbing projects should only be done by professionals. This includes a tank water heater installation. There are a lot of mistakes you can make if you perform a DIY water heater installation. This is particularly true if you don’t have the tools and proper experience.  

If you don’t hire a plumber in Perth for your water heater installation, here are several mistakes you should know: 

Not Following Codes or Getting a Permit 

Oftentimes, homeowners believe they’re exempt from building codes and permits when they do DIY projects. However, that isn’t the case. There’s a reason why these rules are in place. If you skip these steps, it can be both expensive and dangerous. A reliable plumber will ensure your water heater installation is performed by the book. 

Poor Connections and Material Selection 

If you install a water heater without the knowledge or proper training, it can result in poor outcomes. For instance, it is vital to select the correct size and type of pipes. You need to route the plumbing in a particular way, use excellent soldering methods, and avoid mixing metals. Any misstep can void the warranty of your equipment, result in a system failure, or affect the efficiency and performance of the water heater.  

Wrong Setup of the Pressure Relief Valve 

For those who don’t know, the safety feature that releases water from the tank if the temperature or internal pressure gets extremely high is called the pressure relief valve. You run the risk of your water heater exploding or bursting if the release tube and the valve aren’t properly installed.  

Forgetting to Place a Drain Pan Under the Tank 

It’s required to have a drain pan under a tank water heater to gather any water that might leak or discharge from the equipment. The drain pan should be made from rust-resistant materials. You are increasing your risk of water damage down the line if you use the wrong size or forget to install the drain pain. 

Installing the Water Heater in a Risky Spot 

It’s extremely crucial to consider the area you install the water heater. This is for efficiency, convenience, and safety. There might be restricted or prohibited spaces to install a tank water heater depending on your local regulations. This includes under floors, attics, and storage closets.  

Selecting the Wrong Size 

Your new water heater might be installed for failure. For those who don’t know, tank water heaters can range from 25 to 85 gallons. The size you require varies on the number of individuals in your home. You will find yourself frequently running out of hot water if you purchase a hot water heater that is too small. You will also be wasting a lot of money on utility bills if you buy a water heater that is too big.  



Indications That You Need to Contact a Plumber 

There are a couple of occasions where you will not need to hire a plumber. For example, plumbing issues such as clogged drains or toilets are sometimes simple to fix with a drain snake or plunger.  


However, what happens if you encounter a major plumbing problem that you cannot fix on your own? Do you know who to hire? Do you have a plan of action? 

You should not wait until the last minute to have your plumbing issues evaluated. Fix the issue before more damage happens by hiring a professional plumber in Perth. 

Leaking Pipes 

A pipe that is constantly leaking can cause water damage to the affected spots of your property. When you don’t clean leaking water, mold can grow. That is why you have to handle it as soon as possible. If you leave the mold to grow, it can cause more damage to your property and the people inside it. This includes allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and other issues.  

If your fitting compounds, joint fillers, repair clamp, and flex tape do not resolve the problem, you should not allow the leak to be ignored for long. Hire a professional plumber right away.  

Clogged Toilet 

If your house only has a single toilet, having it clogged is a major issue. It’s also an inconvenience in houses with several toilets. You might check several things once you try a thorough plunge. This includes: 

  • The tube 

A cracked or loose overflow tube allows water inside. It stops the tank from flushing and filling properly.  

  • The chain 

A broken or disconnected chain can’t lift the flapper. Because of this, the toilet will not flush. Replace, readjust, or reattach the chain to solve the issue.  

  • The flapper 

A cracked, warped, or bent flapper or flush valve can cause a clogged toilet.  

It’s time for you to hire a professional plumber if you examine these things can the issue is still there. 

Dripping Faucets 

It’s a nuisance if you’ve got a faucet that constantly drops. It also costs you a lot of money on your water bill every month. A slow drip might only cost you $20 every year. However, a fast dripping faucet might run around $250 every year.  

A couple of dripping faucets are simple to fix. This is particularly true if the cause is a rusty washer. You probably have to hire a plumber if the slow leak is more severe.  

Dripping faucets are a waste of water. They’re a major concern as well. That’s why it is best to hire a plumber if you can’t fix dripping faucets on your own. 

Clogged Drains 

If your drains will not drain even after you use a snake, a plunger, or other products, then you’ll have to hire a professional plumber.  

A plumber will diagnose the issue and offer you a solution. Oftentimes, common drainage issues are caused by an accumulation of grease or soap. However, there are some causes that are more severe. This includes invasive roots and offset pipes. If you don’t know how to unclog a drain, hire an expert.  


Precautionary Measures to Consider Before Getting Your First House 

We always think about the advantage of living in your own house. This will give you so much freedom to do whatever you want such as decorating the walls of those items that you really like. You can change the color of the paint of the wall or ceiling anytime that you are tired of the same old color of it. Another thing here is that you can invest more of those furniture and appliances that you want to buy since you don’t have to consider packing them again to move to a new place.  


There are so many considerations that you need to think as of now in order for you to achieve these dreams. You need to think as well that buying a house would end your worries and problems. Remember that you would have more responsibilities such as paying the taxes, the monthly dues, bills, and many more to say here. It is really nice to consider that you own a house but you have to be responsible enough to think of those possible hidden charges and costs that may arise and appear after a couple of months living there.  

Others will think deeply of the home loans so that they don’t worry about the budget every month. Most of them won’t worry about the salary since they are working but you need to prepare yourself for those kinds of situations like the pandemic. It is very hard to survive this time because of the limited income and the closure of some business industries since no more customers to buy and book their services. It is hard to tell if you are going to think and consider a house loan. As long as you are capable of paying it monthly for so many years, then that would be fine.  

If you are thinking for many times with this kind of options, then here are some of the other things that you want to include into your possible selections. We will give you more options that you want to consider not because we don’t want you to buy a house now. We want you to be more practical and make use of your money wisely.  

You can try to deposit some money in your bank account until you have the enough money to pay for the down payment. The more money you pay the lesser that you need to pay for the interest. Thinking about loans and other ways to get this house would result to paying more interest and higher fees which will make you even much poorer.  

Most of the people would check with their banks their credit history as they wanted to make sure that they can get this kind of chance. As long as you don’t have problems with your banks, then they can approve this one immediately.  

You can try searching for some nice choices in your city. You can contact a broker as well to help you with all those things. It includes the processing and application for loans.  


How to Pay for Emergency Home Repair Services

If you’re a homeowner, and you haven’t upgraded the furnace yet, then you must have to brace yourself. Heaters either break or leak. You might have to replace them every 10 years or so. It’s something that you must expect, too.

Heater repair is just one of a home’s may unexpected repairs. In fact, furnaces may just the last of your concern. Most home repairs happen at the most inconvenient time. Things such as boilers, air conditioners, and roofs get damaged, too. Expensive repairs can easily kill your budget.

What can you do to handle the major expenses in your home, so you don’t have to worry about the money to tap? You must know how to handle these unexpected home repairs. There are different ways to pay for those emergency home repairs.

1. Homeowner’s insurance

Always remember to verify your insurance for any home repair services. If a tornado comes, getting that new roof should be covered by your home insurance provider. They should pay for a fraction of the full replacement cost. You may not see the harm from the surface, but a professional inspector will surely find it.

2. Home Equity Line of Credit

You can leverage your house’s interest with a home equity credit line. This is ideal for most home improvements and major unexpected expenses. But do note that, as a home-backed mortgage, HELOC should be used carefully and must be paid quickly.

3. Community development initiatives

These initiatives are provided by the local or state government, as well as financial institutions. Municipalities often use HUD-issued block grants to cover the loan for emergency repairs to homeowners. There may be limits to these incentives, like income limits that are equal to 80 percent of the average income across the state. Some programs can support elderly or injured homeowners. Nonetheless, it is worth checking for data from your local housing bureau or related agency.

4. Government assistance

The mortgage programs Limited203(k) and FHA 203(k) will allow homeowners to refinance or buy a home, with more funds placed on top of the loan’s total loan. The US HUD provides a special loan. Such a loan is issued by lenders for homeowners against the equity of their property. The funds can be used for most major home repairs, including for the repair or purchase of appliances and household items that will make add functionality and comfort to your home. But no, luxury items such as swimming pools or hot tubs are not included. The USDA may also be helpful. The USDA offers a home repair program that helps homeowners with very low incomes to repair, update, or modernize their home located in a rural area. There are also grants offered to homeowners who are older than 62 years old.

5. Disaster Relief

If the emergency home repairs are linked to natural disasters, then you must visit relief agencies like the FEMA and Red Cross. FEMA will provide property not protected by homeowners’ emergency repair coverage. Such money is not intended to fix the house to its condition before the disaster but to pay for protection and sanitary repairs.

6. Credit card

This is undoubtedly the first impulse. Swipe the plastic. Yet you must think twice. You may not have enough credit to do the job. If your credit cards come with high-interest rates, then you may still have to pay off your debt until the next disaster arrives.


Benefits of Hiring Expert Tree Service Company

Trees are tall and enormous, and they seem to be like that for as long as we remember. We might have an impression that trees are immortal, but in truth and reality, they are not. Trees are also vulnerable to disease and the effects of old age. There will come a time when they will show signs of weakness and will need your help.

When this time comes, you would also need the help of experts, specifically a tree service company. You might think that you would rather do the fixing on your own to save money; this is a bad idea though because trees are complex beings and it needs expert knowledge to cure them. To further explain my point, here are the benefits of hiring expert tree service company.

1. Save Money

To counter your point, the first benefit of hiring a tree service company is that you will save money. Curing trees or taking care of them is not easy, it needs specific tools and equipment. If you wish to do it on your own, you will need to buy all of these tools and equipment, and this would be more expensive than hiring one. For example, a tree service company has an airlift that would bring them all the way to the top without climbing and without a sweat.

2. Save Time

Another benefit is that you would save time when you hire an expert tree service company. You will need to research all the methods that are needed to do the job, and this would take you a lot of time. Not to mention the actual amount of time of working that you would have to do finish the job would take you a long time.

3. Save the Tree

Another thing you are saving when you hire a tree service company is the tree, itself. When you don’t know, better not attempt different methods like pruning, pollarding, or topping. Instead of helping the tree, you might cause further damage that can cause irreversible damage. Better hire a tree service company who knows how to do all the methods necessary to make the job done.

4. The Right Decisions

A tree service company is hiring not only to cure diseased trees, but they can also be hired to help you plant one. Planting trees are not easy as it looks, it needs the expertise to do it successfully. Transplanting a young tree from a nursery to your yard needs delicacy and expert touch, so it would survive and thrive in your yard.

Tree service companies would also help you decide on how to decide the right spot for your tree. You want your tree to stand in the right spot to block off sunlight and not blocking off the wind. This right decision can mean thousands of dollars because a tree can act as an excellent shade that would help your electric bills because you won’t need to use your air conditioning unit as much. For an excellent tree service Memphis company.