Common DIY Water Heater Installation Mistakes 

Since there is a lot of information available online, more and more people are learning how to handle home improvement projects on their own rather than hiring an expert. Of course, the DIY method has its advantages and merits, such as saving money. However, cutting corners can often cost you more down the line. 


A lot of plumbing projects should only be done by professionals. This includes a tank water heater installation. There are a lot of mistakes you can make if you perform a DIY water heater installation. This is particularly true if you don’t have the tools and proper experience.  

If you don’t hire a plumber in Perth for your water heater installation, here are several mistakes you should know: 

Not Following Codes or Getting a Permit 

Oftentimes, homeowners believe they’re exempt from building codes and permits when they do DIY projects. However, that isn’t the case. There’s a reason why these rules are in place. If you skip these steps, it can be both expensive and dangerous. A reliable plumber will ensure your water heater installation is performed by the book. 

Poor Connections and Material Selection 

If you install a water heater without the knowledge or proper training, it can result in poor outcomes. For instance, it is vital to select the correct size and type of pipes. You need to route the plumbing in a particular way, use excellent soldering methods, and avoid mixing metals. Any misstep can void the warranty of your equipment, result in a system failure, or affect the efficiency and performance of the water heater.  

Wrong Setup of the Pressure Relief Valve 

For those who don’t know, the safety feature that releases water from the tank if the temperature or internal pressure gets extremely high is called the pressure relief valve. You run the risk of your water heater exploding or bursting if the release tube and the valve aren’t properly installed.  

Forgetting to Place a Drain Pan Under the Tank 

It’s required to have a drain pan under a tank water heater to gather any water that might leak or discharge from the equipment. The drain pan should be made from rust-resistant materials. You are increasing your risk of water damage down the line if you use the wrong size or forget to install the drain pain. 

Installing the Water Heater in a Risky Spot 

It’s extremely crucial to consider the area you install the water heater. This is for efficiency, convenience, and safety. There might be restricted or prohibited spaces to install a tank water heater depending on your local regulations. This includes under floors, attics, and storage closets.  

Selecting the Wrong Size 

Your new water heater might be installed for failure. For those who don’t know, tank water heaters can range from 25 to 85 gallons. The size you require varies on the number of individuals in your home. You will find yourself frequently running out of hot water if you purchase a hot water heater that is too small. You will also be wasting a lot of money on utility bills if you buy a water heater that is too big.  


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